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espn Another great season or two would help, however most likely already there. He’s greater than a quarter of the way in which there. I’ve thirteen locks after which a bunch of other contenders and much more pretenders. 12. OMAR VIZQUEL. His Offensive numbers haven’t even come shut, however has there been someone who has been such an overwhelming DEFENSIVE prescence as Vizquel for the previous 17 seasons? Usually my standards for Hall of Fame is “One of many elite players within the game for 10 or more seasons.” There could also be an exception or two. 1. CHIPPER JONES. Got the ten elite seasons, MVP and post season glory. 1. ANDRUW JONES. Some elite seasons. He already has 5 Cy Young caliber seasons and a playoff MVP. 3 of them he put up MVP caliber numbers. 15. ROY HALLADAY – three Cy Young caliber seasons are spectacular, however he probably won’t stick with it long sufficient. But who’re we kidding?

american baseball outfielder tim 7. CHRIS CARPENTER – May be too late a bloomer for the Hall (like Dave Stewart.) If he stays a Cy Young contender, who knows? GROUP THREE – THE “Don’t FLAME OUT LIKE DWIGHT GOODEN” Category. GROUP Four – THE “Nice RESUME, But WE Were HOPING FOR Something More SPECTACULAR” Category. A nice profession, a World Series MVP, love from White Sox fans endlessly and thousands and thousands of dollars makes for a nice consolation prize. 20. ERIC CHAVEZ – Staying in Oakland should earn him factors with the fans. Needs to be enough. A giant comeback season in Oakland or somewhere in the AL would clinch it. If you’re a better, the only method you get in the Hall of Fame is you have to clinch a World Championship. They are not in alphabetical order. 2. How are they going to screw over Jim Rice this 12 months? 3. CRAIG BIGGIO – Get 3,000 hits and you might be in.

Well, because the season is beginning, let’s see who enjoying this yr is already in, who is nearly there with somewhat push, whose chances have light away and who solely need to get in if they buy a ticket. But he would not have practically the numbers to get in. 2. TODD HELTON. It doesn’t help matters that his largest years were during the ‘roids era in Colorado and his numbers have been dropping like a rock. In this period? Yikes. 4. ALBERT PUJOLS – 6 straight years of being one of the best, if not The perfect player in baseball, plus a playoff MVP and profitable a ring must be enough. 10. JOHAN SANTANA – Pretty much as good a four straight seasons as you may hope for. 6. DAVID WELLS – Has extra terrific seasons than you’d think. A Dominican David Wells. 6. JOSE REYES – See David Wright. It’s that easy. He’s virtually there.

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Will there be a more insane acceptance speech ever? 4. PEDRO MARTINEZ – I’ve argued that his run from 1997 to 2005 (save his injured 2001 season) is extra spectacular than Sandy Koufax’s run within the 1960s. Koufax had larger parks, larger mound, wider strike zone, no DH and no ‘roids. But I’ve a rule. 11. KENNY ROGERS – Has had a better profession than you would have thought, particularly if you reside in New York and only noticed him as a Yankee and as a Met. Would have helped matters if he led the A’s previous the primary spherical. He’s in on the primary ballot. 13. TIM SALMON – Like Garret Anderson, ought to always be cherished in Anaheim for nice years and large hits. 12. GARRET ANDERSON – A terrific profession and some huge playoff hits (including driving the nail into the Giants coffin within the 2002 World Series.) Not almost enough.

22. TROY GLAUS – With so few Hall of Fame thirdbasemen, the 2002 World Series MVP was putting collectively an fascinating case until accidents derailed him. Hoffman’s lone World Series spotlight was coughing up Scott Brosius’ residence run within the 1998 Series. Home run information for a catcher. 4. CARLOS DELGADO – Lots of house runs, however that does not imply much within the 90s and 2000s. A stable put up season final 12 months was a superb begin, but could fall into that Andre Dawson, great participant-just not a Hall of Famer class. GROUP ONE – EASE ON THE THROTTLE And are available ON Home. GROUP TWO – THE FRED LYNN/DON MATTINGLY/JUAN GONZALEZ Category. DEREK LOWE – Has a wild resume with 2 nice starter seasons. 4. DEREK LOWE – Has a wild resume with 2 nice starter seasons. JIM THOME – Has had some nice years. 10. JIM THOME – Has had some nice years. A great playoff for the Astros.

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1 seasons or compile some great career numbers. A rattling good career. 10. JERMAINE DYE – Like Big Papi, made the swap from good participant to MVP candidate too late. 3. NOMAR GARCIAPARRA – A classic “Hall of Famer if he stayed healthy” candidate. And he won’t be the one Hall of Famer with put up season points. Awards assist, as does a strong post season performance. Not Hall of Fame quality, however enough to mentioned on this submit! But Not enough years as one of many elites. Four more years like this. He needs to change into a Tom Glavine like ace in San Francisco to advantage any Hall speak. 3. TOM GLAVINE – Multiple Cy Youngs. Multiple Cy Youngs and a complete domination of the American League would not harm. Don’t harm that back again! He had a nice comeback with Toronto, but it surely may be too little too late. 2. LANCE BERKMAN. Slowly putting collectively a pleasant resume.

But seriously, what is your favourite Lance Berkman second? 5. CARLOS BELTRAN – Has some terrific seasons. CARLOS BELTRAN – Has some terrific seasons. 13. BARRY ZITO – Only had three outstanding seasons in Oakland. And he has about 5 dominating Cy Young seasons. 1. BRANDON WEBB. Young Cy Young award winner. Big game winner. But when Jack Morris, who had twice as many dominating seasons, is on the skin wanting in, Pettite should be as properly. 12. HIDEKI MATSUI – A part of the “Should Japan’s stats depend in the Hall” debate. That ought to count for something! 6. TREVOR HOFFMAN – Yeah, I know he is the all times saves leader. Yeah I know he’s performed for the Padres every year of his profession. 11. MAGGLIO ORDONEZ – Has some huge hits (together with the ALCS ending homer final 12 months) and a few really terrific years. But its only been 4 years of superstardom.

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Oakland burst that bubble once and for all. 13. FRANK THOMAS – All the veterans on the bubble ought to look carefully at Frank. Plus he was ROBBED of the 1997 World Series MVP. World Series MVP. 300 wins is inevitable. 8. MIGUEL TEJADA – A terrific participant with an MVP in addition. 12. MARIANO RIVERA – The one most indispensable participant on the Torre Yankees. He additionally single handedly destroyed Brad Lidge’s career. Might be a really fascinating career to assessment when it ends. Clay Bellinger has as many World Series rings as Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Ted Williams combined. 7. CURT SCHILLING – You can’t ask for better playoff. CURT SCHILLING – You cannot ask for better playoff. Hit some towering playoff homers. 9. GARY SHEFFIELD – Now along with his seventh team, he wears out his welcome in a rush. Injuries or no, Pedro belongs NOW! 5. BARRY BONDS – Has he tested positive but?

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